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Immrse has developed a career simulation program known as the Virtual Internship Program (VIP). VIP is an experiential, immersive platform that helps students experience different careers before they decide to choose the final career for themselves.

For example, if a student chooses architecture for his / her VIP, then he / she can perform activities that an architect does to make one building. Similarly, if he / she chooses film making then he / she can make an entire film. We have several such career options.

The VIP goes along really well post counseling sessions. Once the top careers have been recommended by the counselor, this program would help students get a good hands-on experience in those careers.

Features Built To Support Your Counselling Process

VIP Augments your Counselling Process

VIP is a completely automated tool with plethora of simulations, tasks and series of video lectures. And with all this, VIP doesn’t affect your counselling process in any way. If anything, it complements it. Now let technology augment your counselling process.

Experiential and Interactive Career Exploration for your counselling

A first-of-its-kind interactive, career role-play program, VIP will let your students explore all the top careers recommended by you. Whatever be your process, once the top recommendations have been made, VIP will let your students role-play various careers through an immersive world.

Custom Branded Website

Don’t have a website? We’ve got you covered. 84% of today's consumers think a website makes a business more credible than companies who only have social media profiles. Immrse will help you build a custom website so that you can scale up and be visible to a larger audience.

Professional Compatability Report To Help You Evaluate Career Fitment For Your Students

Upon completion of each VIP by your students, you will be provided with an industry standard report on profession compatibility analysis on the basis of factors like Analytical Skills, Problem Responsivity, Visual Orientation among others.

Trusted By The Industry's Best

VIP has been trusted by the Industry’s best and the biggest. Those who work with us include:

Read What Students Have To Say About VIPTM

Smriti Ruparel

The most attractive and impressive part was the gamified version. I must say this is the best thing which I’ve ever experienced till now.

Devanshi Pandya

The report shared with me at the end was hands down the best. I had no idea there were so many different components to professional competency. It actually gave me a pretty decent idea about what I am more suited for.

Geet Gangwani

I had taken a couple of courses on some websites offering marketing courses but this was definitely very different. I can best describe it as actually stepping into the shoes of a Marketer. At least that's what it felt like.

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  • 15 referal codes for VIP
  • Valid for 3 months


  • 100 referal codes for VIP
  • Valid for 1 year
  • Co-branding


  • 100 referal codes for VIP
  • Valid for 1 year
  • API integration
  • Co-branding

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