Why are career paths always chosen blindly?

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Isn’t it sad that young people almost always choose the job they’re going to have to do for the rest of their lives without fully understanding it?

What’s more, how can you decide which career to choose if you haven’t sampled a whole bunch of them?

If you can do it with Ice Cream, you should be able todo with your profession!

All this changes now with The Virtual Internship Program!

The Virtual Internship Program - Explore is an experiential, immersive, self-paced career discovery program. Think of it as a cross between an educational course, a role-playing game and practical work experience.

You can now explore up to 18 different careers to gain an in-depth understanding of which career path works best for your own unique talent and temperament.

And because it’s online, you can start looking for your passion (and find it by the time you leave school.

Go on then, pick a career or two. Or three or four or five. ;)

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